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  • With proper pride we present our collection of pearls which are hand knotted piece by piece.

We are a trademark in freshwater pearls jewelry with our settlement in Sint-Gillis-Waas, Belgium.

All Accelle jewelry is handmade in Belgium.

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Caring advice for your Accelle freshwater Pearls:
Accelle freshwater pearls are cultivated organic ornaments.
Therefore they are different from gemstones and precious metals.
They are softer and consequently delicate to scratches and other damages.
Above that matters like perfume or hair spray will fade the pearl luster and affect the
top layer of mother-of-pearl.
For these reasons your Accelle freshwater pearls need the proper attention and care. We advise you to apply perfume, hair spray or other cosmetics before you start wearing your Accelle freshwater pearls.
In this way you prevent these products coming into contact with your Accelle freshwater pearls too much.
Taking of your Accelle freshwater ornament, you will preferably wipe it off with a soft, lightly
moist cloth in order to remove the last traces of cremes and cosmetics.
Wiping with a soft cloth regularly will guarantee the removal of accumulations of dirt particals.
We advise you to store your ornament in the specially included Accelle jewelry box in order to
prevent scratches and damages. Because of the vulnerable surface it is advisable not to store other jewelry in this box together with Accelle freshwater pearls. Because the Accelle pearls are handknotted one by one, you will lose no single one in case of unexpected breaking. Moreover the knots prevent the pearls scraping against one another, so scraping damage on the pearl is prevented.

Our contact details:
Phone: +32 486 02 10 19 / Mail:.accelleparels@gmail.com
VAT number: BE0689.713.663

Accelle products are warranted for two years from the date of purchase against manufacture's defects.
The warranty is valid only to the original purchaser with a proof of purchase from Accellle, that clearly shows the purchase date.

These caring instructions will help you to maintain the splendor and ravishment of your Accelle freshwater pearls and guarantee a lot of wearing pleasure for many years.

All strengths of Accelle in a row:
* All jewelry is manufactured in Sint-Gillis-Waas, Belgium.
* Repair service with rapid settlement in case of unexpected defect of a jewel.
* Each necklace or bracelet of pearls is hand-knotted which individually protects the pearl and
no pearl is lost if a wire could break down unexpectedly.
* Each necklace and bracelet is knotted on double bead wire, which ensures long life of each piece.
* Each ornament of Accelle is made with 925 Sterling Silver.
The locks are soldered, polished and brushed, so the risk of loss of necklace or bracelet is
lead to a minimum.
* The person who wears Accelle jewelry has the possibility to wear not only the necklace and    bracelet separately,
but because the locks are identical, one can attach the bracelet to the necklace making a long necklace and creating more wearing fun.
* Each Accelle jewelry is delivered in matching jewel boxes which includes the purchase price and will be sent to you.
* The jewel boxes contain a velvet interior with additional velvet protective flap to protect the pearls.
This contributes to an extra long life of the jewel. Each box closes with a magnetic lock.